Watch the webinar recording from Thursday April 15, 2021

Building operational AI/ML with MLOps

Recorded live on Thursday April 15, 2021

Learn with Silo AI-webinar, The importance of MLOps for scaling AI

This webinar is for you, if you're an R&D lead, Director of AI development, CDO/CXO or Business/AI lead working with scaling AI/ML across your business.

In this webinar, we dived into the infrastructure and organizational requirements of getting real-time machine learning-driven insights and analytics, that help run your operations smoothly. With our invited guest Unity, we showed an example of how solid machine learning operations (MLOps) helps scale several machine learning products at once.

Watch this recording and learn to
1. organize your business around data and AI,
2. ensure your employees rely on real-time intelligence and insights, and
3. increase the value of AI/ML beyond pilots into sustainable improvements in your operations.

Together with Kaisa Salakka from Unity Technologies, we learn about the value of being able to scale multiple ML products with confidence and how it is enabled by robust MLOps processes. After hearing about Kaisa's extensive experience in building and shipping ML products, we dive deeper into the best practices for MLOps with Jukka Remes from Silo AI, who has helped several global industry leaders build their operations around machine learning. The webinar is hosted by Teppo Kuisma, who has helped global industry leaders onboard AI with 20+ years of experience in digitalization and ICT.

Based on Silo AI’s learnings from 100+ production-level AI projects, we’ll guide you through the best practices of operationalizing AI with scalable machine learning operations.

Kaisa Salakka
Director, Research Labs at Unity Technologies

Kaisa has more than 10 years of international leadership experience in machine learning and software services with deep understanding of video games, mobile apps, telecom, retail and media. During her career, Kaisa has been successfully leading product-, engineering-, design- and operations management. At Unity, she has managed and scaled successfully several machine learning products for millions of users.

Unity is the creator of the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform, giving users the most powerful and accessible tools to create and operate experiences for the real-time world.

Jukka Remes, PhD
Lead AI Solutions Architect, Site Lead, Silo AI Helsinki

Jukka is a PhD in Advanced Analytics with 20+ years of experience from developing machine learning and data analytics solutions particularly in healthcare and medical technology. At Silo AI, Jukka focuses on building solid AI/ML solution architectures and MLOps together with our clients to ensure successfully scaling AI. During his extensive career in ICT, Jukka has worked as a business development executive for Watson Health products and ecosystem at IBM and in product R&D at Nokia Technologies and at Nexstim, and as a research engineer in clinical and research teams at Oulu University Hospital.

Teppo Kuisma, VP of Business Development, New Markets, Silo AI

Teppo has more than 20 years of experience in business development in ICT, with several global executive roles and startups on his back. During his career, Teppo has helped industry leaders to accelerate their digitalization and earn significant value from AI/ML. Having recently returned to his native Finland from the US West Coast, Teppo now heads Silo AI’s internationalization.


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